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Whether you are in your first trimester, in the newborn fog, potty-training, sending your “baby” to kindergarten, or have a teen taking their driving test, FIT4MOM Asheville offers a slice of home to you no matter the age and stage of your pregnancy and journey through motherhood.

As moms, it’s important to find sunshine, fresh air, movement, and mindfulness within each and every day if we can. We know it’s not always possible to make it to class, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Re: ME.

Created by moms for moms, Re: ME stands for restorative exercises that mobilize and energize. Take 5 minutes for yourself to unplug from your hectic day and re-set. Scan your body, reset your mind, and restore, from the inside out with Re: ME.

To celebrate modern mamahood, we created 3 additional downloads for the 3 main pillars of motherhood, helping you get movement and calm into all stages and ages of your motherhood journey.



Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Movement and mindfulness are two key components to a healthy, thriving pregnancy for mama and babe(s). With 17 years of experience, we have your back (and your bump) when it comes to prenatal fitness. Staying fit and calm as you navigate through your changing body and enter into motherhood is good for the body + soul. Learn how to incorporate safe prenatal fitness into your pregnancy with these 5 tips.



Society has morphed a mother’s brain that she should immediately be concerned about her postpartum appearance, thus, she should jump right into exercise right after birth. Not only is this an unhealthy mindset, it’s unsafe for your healing body after birth. Give yourself a lot of grace, rest, and proper time to heal after childbirth before even thinking about working out again. Enjoy snuggles with your baby and rest as much as possible those first 6 weeks. Listen to your body. When your doctor says it’s okay for you to start easing back into adding movement into your newly postpartum lifestyle, start slow. These simple birth recovery movements will help you do just that.



Once you’re out of the newborn fog and through sleep regressions and teething, you find yourself immersed in a new phase of motherhood where your little one isn’t a baby anymore; perhaps they’re crawling and walking now, a toddler starting preschool, entering kindergarten or middle school, or going off to college. Postnatal is forever; once you become a mother, you’re a mom for life. And, we know how hard it can be to make time for yourself, especially squeezing in a workout. We know because we’re moms too (and often find it totally impossible to get to the gym), so these tips will help you make time for creating the healthy habit of daily movement. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, working mom, traveling mama, or at any stage and age of motherhood, we got you, Mama.