IMPORTANT Winter Season Class Enrollment Policy

IMPORTANT WINTER Class Enrollment!

Please enroll in class on our website or via Pike 13 app. It is best to enroll via Pike 13 app to recieve class updates and notifications! Be sure to check our website or Pike 13 for class schedule changes if you have not enrolled by 9pm the evening prior to class and plan to attend (just in case there are updates in scheduling)

During the Winter Season, we must have a minimum of 2 Moms enrolled in class by 9pm the evening before class. If we do not meet this minimum by 9pm, class will not take place. We will post in OUR Village private FB group by 9:15pm if we do not meet our minimum.

What happens if I am the only Mom enrolled by 9pm? A link to a FIT4MOM At-Home Workout Option will be sent to your email on file.